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Regardless if it is a commercial or residential building, the benefits of spray foam insulation are the same in both spaces. The difference is deciding what type of spray foam is best for the specific type of building. This is where the insulation contractors at Eagle Insulation can help since we are commercial spray foam insulation specialists!

Open Cell vs Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell Foam

Using Both

Closed Cell Foam

Economical Add to the sturdiness of the
house because it is essentially
filling any and all cracks
Blocks out more noise by itself unless mixed with a closed cell foam Prevents moisture from
getting through the walls,
therefore it acts as a barrier
against large quantities of
water, ultimately protecting
the inhabitants from growth
of mold and mildew
Keeps more water and air out
Reduces high frequency noise   Reduces low frequency noise

Which Commercial Spray Foam To Use On A Building

For example, common spots for air or water leaks in a residential building wouldn’t necessarily be the same in a commercial building. In a commercial building, it might be smarter to go with a closed cell foam insulation because it is the only type of insulation that is recognized as a Class 5 flood-damage resistant material according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). For that reason, FEMA recommends closed cell foam insulation under floors, in a basement, in crawl spaces, and other places where water contact is likely, to reduce the risk of mold growth.

States and local governments are continuously adopting new codes and regulations that have to be met when building new buildings and commercial insulation. This is a big reason why you should choose an experienced insulation company like Eagle Insulation for your insulation job because we stay current on all government regulations around insulation. We choose spray foam insulation because spray foam is an air barrier, it can help meet or even exceed the energy codes by creating more energy efficient buildings. For buildings marked commercial, spray foam insulation is your best form of insulation.

Get a commercial spray foam insulation contractor from Eagle Insulation contractors to blow in spray foam insulation.

Commercial spray foam Insulation benefits:

Builders and architects may be able to qualify for tax incentives, rebates, grants or certifications

Get a commercial spray foam insulation contractor from Eagle Insulation contractors to blow in spray foam insulation at your business.

Greater energy efficiency

Spray foam insulation is also known as blown in insulation because the way that it’s applied is by a machine that blows in.

Protect against allergens, ensuring greater employee productivity

A commercial spray foam insulation contractor will insulate your office building, warehouse, & more with blown in insulation.

Can work on multiple surfaces for whatever project

A commercial insulation contractor specializes in blown-in spray foam insulation on commercial buildings & warehouses.

Improve building’s strength, ultimately lowering maintenance costs on roofing systems

Commercial spray foam insulation can help protect buildings from leaks as well as provide cheaper energy costs.

Blocks out noise from loud neighbors

Protect the structure of your office building, retail store, or warehouse by installing commercial spray foam insulation.

Reduces air loss

Commercial spray foam insulation can fill in those tiny cracks that are allowing wind, cold, heat, & water in your building.

Flexibility with building designs

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Contractors from Eagle Insulation who provide commercial spray foam insulation are the best.

Prevents bugs/rodents from getting inside

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