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Who We’re Looking For:

  • People who really want a contracting job
  • People who are wanting to make a small impact that has a positive ripple effect
  • We are most interested in subcontractors
  • People who work well in teams. Teamwork is crucial at Eagle Insulation because our worth is what we bring to the table
  • People who are able to lift between 60 and 150 lbs.
  • People looking for a rewarding career in spray foam and construction
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Insulation Contracting Job Opportunities:

Eagle Insulation is looking for many different types of foam installers based upon your SPF certification level.


  • Level 1 Foam Installer– Proficient in the level 2 journeyman position as well as being proficient in craft and portion control. Have the ability to properly shutdown equipment, and act as a backup driver.
  • Level 2 Foam Installer– Excellent customer service skills, leadership skills, as well as being proficient with all products and substrates of spray foam. Must be proficient with overall equipment maintenance and rebuild. Act as a driver.
  • Level 1 Insulation Journeyman– Prep for sprayer, which would include masking off floors, doors, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, Caulking, BIB prep. During application of insulation, you would be responsible for moving hoses, moving scaffolding, staying ahead of the sprayer with prep. After Application, scrape, shave, and take down plastic, clean, sweep, and bag trash.
  • Level 2 Insulation Journeyman– Proficient in level 1 journeyman duties, proficient in safety duties, along with alleviating sprayer during breaks and tandem spray areas.


At Eagle Insulation, we offer competitive wages and are in the process of creating a benefits package. Our contracting jobs have a greater meaning behind it. By upgrading and installing spray foam, we are creating safer, better, more environmentally friendly buildings. Before you get placed on a spray foam project, you will go through a week’s worth of an on-the-job training program where we discuss what to do in emergency situations, teach you about our safety protocols, and set you up for success. Steel-toed boots, eye protection, cut resistant gloves, razor knife, and a safety colored vest will be required to ensure all precautions are taken to keep you safe while you work on insulation projects with us.

Durango Co Spray Foam Insulation Jobs


Come join the good hearted team and help us continue the good work through building a career with the leading insulation contractor team. Here at Eagle Insulation, our contracting jobs offer competitive wages, team building employment, self-rewarding work, and more. Our mission is to challenge the idea of ordinary insulation by creating safer, more environmentally friendly, and sustainable homes that will shape the future construction of buildings through the proper installation of our spray foam. We are always accepting applications for insulation contractors and laborers.

Pros and Cons of Working with Us:



Highly professional environment There are no shortcuts when it
comes to this job
Hard labor “get your hands dirty” job There are risks when it comes to
working with insulation
This job is self-rewarding This job is hard-physical labor, moving 550 lb drums around in tight quarters
Get to work in teams. We keep the
teams small because our standards
are high. There will be 3-4 people per
If you like to work alone, this is not a career for you

We are always accepting contracting job applications

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