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Regardless if it is a residential building or commercial building, the benefits of spray foam insulation are the same in both spaces. The difference is deciding what type of spray foam is best for the specific type of building. That’s where the insulation contractors at Eagle Insulation come in. The insulation contractors at Eagle Insulation are highly experienced in the proper application of residential spray foam insulation for your traditional stick built home, modular home, or even a cabin. Here are some of the differences in the types of spray foam we use.


Open Cell Spray Foam

Using Both Open Cell & Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Economical Add to the sturdiness of the house because it is essentially filling any and all cracks Denser
Blocks out more noise by itself unless mixed with a closed cell foam Prevents moisture from getting through the walls, therefore it acts as a barrier against large quantities of water, ultimately protecting the inhabitants from growth of mold and mildew Keeps more water and air out
Reduces high frequency noise Reduces low frequency noise

Which Spray Foam To Use On A Home

For example, common spots for air or water leaks in a residential building wouldn’t necessarily be the same in a commercial building. In a residential building, it might be smarter to go with open cell spray foam because it allows for moisture to pass through, allowing the homeowners to acknowledge if there is a roof leak. Once the leak is addressed, and the spray foam is dry, it will continue to provide adequate thermal protection.

Spray foam is applied by insulation contractors to the common areas of residential homes like behind knee walls, attic hatches, wiring holes, plumbing vents, open soffits, recessed lights, furnace or duct chase ways, basement rim joists, windows and doors, as a few examples. This is why you should consult the insulation contractors at Eagle Insulation before starting an insulation job. Our insulation contractors are experts on what type spray foam insulation is best for your situation as well as know all of the areas of your home that spray foam insulation is needed.

The best insulation contractors in Durango Colorado are working with blown-in spray foam at Eagle Insulation contractors.

spray foam insulation benefits:

Get a spray foam insulation contractor from Eagle Insulation contractors to blow in spray foam insulation at your home.

Smaller HVAC unit

Blown-in insulation is also known as spray foam insulation and the two terms are the same to an insulation contractor.

Homeowners may be able to qualify for tax incentives, rebates, grants, or certifications

A home spray foam insulation contractor will insulate your home, modular, garage, & more with blown in insulation.

Reduced allergens in the home

Attic insulation can protect a home from leaks as well as provide cheaper energy costs & spray foam insulation is the best.

Improved efficiency and reduced air loss

Protect the structure of your home or mobile home by installing spray foam insulation in your attic and crawlspaces.

Lower energy bills

Home spray foam insulation can fill in those small cracks that are allowing wind, cold, heat, & water in your attic.

Flexibility with ceiling design

Insulation Contractors from Eagle Insulation provide residential spray foam insulation and the best contractors in Durango.

Prevents bugs/rodents from getting inside

Choose to use the best insulation contractors in Durango, Co for spray foam insulation installation at your home or house.

Fills all possible areas for drafts, making a comfier and cozier home

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Have a commercial building, a warehouse, or another type of non-residential building? Check out our commercial spray foam services that our insulation contractors provide!

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