• The choice to remodel your home or sell your home can be a tough decision but you may need to remodel your home to be able to sell it.
  • Insulation is sometimes overlooked in the remodeling process but can be the difference when it comes to energy savings.
  • By adding spray foam insulation to your house, it can be a selling point and help to increase the overall value of your house.


The housing market has been out the roof since the beginning of the pandemic (pun intended). If you, like the rest of the U.S. have considered putting your house up for sale because of the price increases, then you have probably run into some issues that we took notice of, here at Eagle Insulation.


The Housing Market Has A Lack Of Inventory

Since the beginning of the pandemic, across the U.S. we have seen inventory come to an all-time low. This year, it was supposed to be getting better, yet we are 3 months into 2022 and inventory levels have fallen even further. The lack of house product inventory is partly due to the cost of residential construction materials which has risen nearly 20% since 2020. Due to the rise in the housing market, the demand for construction materials has also risen, creating a domino effect of sorts where everyone is affected. To combat this nationwide material shortage, Eagle Insulation is taking steps to ensure that we have the proper amount of insulation and other materials to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We stay up to date on all the latest insulation technology & methods to ensure that no materials are wasted. We also stay up to date on federal regulations having to do with building insulation to ensure that the buildings we are insulating are as eco-friendly as possible.


Upon Further Inspection, Your House Is Subpar

Whether or not you decided to put your house up for sale, there is a reason. The reason you might not have gone through with the stressful process of putting your house on the market and letting random people into your home during a pandemic, might be because you realized the structure of your home, starting with the insulation, has gone bad. There’s no hiding bad insulation from the housing inspector and like we said earlier, this is a part of the domino effect. The need for new insulation falls into the category of supply issues which then begs the question of: does your home need an upgrade? And if it does, what is the best case scenario to make the most amount of money from your home? Unfortunately, poorly installed insulation is something we see time and time again, but fortunately, we know how to fix it! 


The Importance Of Proper Insulation

Deciding to install spray foam is just one of many steps in ensuring that your home or business is safe. Spray foam is a two-part insulation: isocyanate and polyol, aka polyurethane. These two chemicals are originally kept separate, but when mixed together by a trained contractor, they create what you see as spray foam insulation. This combination creates a chemical reaction and the result is a stable layer of insulation that is safe. 

The equipment that has been used has had many improvements in recent years. Equipment improvements that our contractors at Eagle Insulation have made sure to stay up with. The old equipment would oftentimes get clogged, resulting in either too much isocyanate or polyol. If that was the case at the time of the installation, then a properly trained contractor would take notice right away that the chemicals would separate and end up just sitting there because there’s not an equal balance to react with. The thing is, isocyanate without the polyol is very dangerous, sending gasses throughout the house or building. However, the new equipment that all contractors at Eagle Insulation use shuts down automatically if the ratio is not correct. 


Enter The Housing Market With Eagle Insulation

If you don’t understand what we just talked about, then don’t worry about it! That’s our job as well as provide you and your building with insulation that is guaranteed to keep critters, cold, hot, wet, and other unforeseen issues out of your building. At Eagle Insulation, we acknowledge that the housing market is evolving, and the rates are rising quickly. We are also aware that production costs are rising just as quickly. We guarantee that we will insulate your home with our spray foam insulation, installed by our trained professionals. If you’re looking to upgrade your home to sell, moving to another home that needs insulation upgrading, or if you want to stay in your current home but want new, energy efficient insulation, then we have you covered. We even provide commercial spray foam insulation if you have a commercial building. Give us a call or email, we’d love to hear from you and give you a FREE estimate on your insulation contracting job.


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